Tripmadeira: Be Part of the Adventure!
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Essential Info

Traveling require proper preparation. Ensure you stay comfortable and safe with these important guidelines and helpful information.


Useful Info

Madeira is in the Greenwich Mean Time Zone (UTC) (GMT+1) with Daylight saving time.

The banks are open from 8:30h to 15:00h Monday to Friday.
Foreign exchange offices open from 9:00h to 19:00h every day, except on Saturdays when they open from 9:00h to 19:00h.

In general, airlines, adapted buses and shops in Madeira are accessible for everyone. But some advance planning will still make it easier for you to get around. Read more about travelling in Madeira with disabilities.

In various hotels and public facilities, like Airports, Restaurants, Service Areas and shopping centres, there are duly marked “wifi” areas where it is possible to access wireless Internet.

Tap water is universally drinkable in Madeira, and tastes great. Porto Santo uses desalinated water, which is perfectly safe to drink.
Most running water in the mountains and forests of Madeira is clean enough to drink, but avoid water running through pastures or irrigation channels.

Most younger locals speak passable English. Tourism related people have also learned Spanish, German or French, but skill level may vary.

Madeira island has been an LGBT-friendly for a very long time. Travellers are more common than it at first may seem. You will find that most of the largest nightclubs and bars are gay friendly.
Opus Gay, IGLTA and Ex-aequo (LGBT associations in Portugal) are actively promoting LGBT tourism in Madeira, since everyone can roam the streets of the island with pride in being who they are and who they want to be.

Most shops will be closed on public holidays, and public transit may run with reduced frequency and capacity. Many restaurants and bars will be open, except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Many museums are open on Sundays and some public holidays.

Madeira operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. There are two associated plugs, types C (two round pins) and F (two round pins with two earth clips on the side).

Indoor smoking in most public places is prohibited. This includes hotels, bars, restaurants and all other establishments where food and beverage are served.

Weather in the mountains can occasionally be unpredictable and can vary between the coast and mountain peaks.
Click here for more information about the Season and Climate.

Weather is liable to change from day to day, so bring a selection of clothes that you can layer. That way you can add or remove layers depending on temperature. In addition, bring at least one warm jumper, waterproof coat and/or umbrella and comfortable walking shoes, boots or trainers.
If you go during the winter, you will need an overcoat, scarf and warm shoes.
In autumn and spring, you may want to bring waterproof trousers.

Useful Contacts

In case of emergency, dial 112

Funchal Municipal Fire Brigade: +351 291200930
Volunteer Fire Department: + 351 291229115

Police/Lost Objects: +351 291208200
Madeira Airport Customer Service: +351 291520700

Madeira Island Tourist Office
Phone: +351 291211900