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About Us

Welcome to your online guide to all the best trip suggestions, places to stay, restaurants, nightlife and things to do in Madeira!


We are here to share the best adventures on Madeira Island!

We aim to inspire our users to explore Madeira with the “best-of” our trip suggestions to know the island in a few days.

We have replaced the traditional guidebook, providing clear, concise route descriptions, digital maps, a standardized difficulty rating system, and all sorts of our favourite hints and tips for everything from trip planning to levada hiking.

We also partner with reputable tour companies we trust, allowing users to book outdoor trips directly on our website.

How we started

We launched our website after many years of constant study of ideas. As outdoor adventurers ourselves, we knew first-hand there was a need for quality trip route descriptions. Put simply: too many people were still using printed trip guides. We decided people needed an easy way to find the best places to visit and give them high quality information on these trips. We wanted to make it easy for people to have a great day discovering Madeira.


A major mission of our website is to make it easier for our users to plan their trip, depending on the days available on the island. We receive a lot of requests from regular visitors on our site to help with their holidays, either guiding to the best places to visit or recommending a tour provider. We are responding to our users' needs by partnering with great outdoor tour companies to offer their tours directly on We will help our users have a great vacation with easy to follow content, avoiding waste of precious time.

Our Trip

We’ve been visiting and living in Madeira since 1998 and have picked up some important tips along the way that we want to share so you have the trip of a lifetime! is an independent website. Each trip suggestion or place we review has been visited and experienced by members of our team who each have over 20 years experience exploring Madeira. undergoes a rigorous fact checking procedure, however even we can’t control places shutting down, chef’s leaving or changing prices. These things are all beyond our control, but we will try our best to keep up to date!

Our number one priority has been and always will be providing honest, objective travel information. That’s why you won’t find our guide packed with every tourism business in Madeira, but only the best businesses in each category according to our guidelines – this is our promise to you!


Traveling should be all about relaxing and enjoying new experiences. However, when questions like where to go, what to do, start to emerge, even traveling can be stressful and time consuming. Sometimes, even if you read hundreds of pages and websites, it is simply not enough. You can still be unsure what to see and do.

That is why we are exploring Madeira for you and pick the best of the best, making your traveling much easier. We bring you the best sights and experiences that the island offer. Our trip suggestions are informative, easy to read and navigate and with everything you need, from history to information about accommodation, eating, nightlife, shopping, transportation, service, and more.

Our day by day itineraries are made to make your sightseeing as simple as it could be.

Advertise with us

Whilst we do accept advertising, this does not alter in any way our commitment to providing you with interesting and useful information on all the best things Madeira have to offer. We are passionate about this island and love sharing in a sustainable, responsible manner what we believe is the very best of Madeira with you.
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